World’s First Ever 3D Printed Motor Cycle By APWorks

With every passing day, 3D printing astonishes us with unique inventions. This technology has by far brought delightful revolutions in the world. All thanks to 3D printing, today, I would like to introduce you to “Light Rider”. I will get to its definition later.
We understand motorcycle as a machine that is crafted with metal and various parts are assembled together, creating a complete commutable machine. But today, we will discuss a different kind of motorcycle that has been invented with the help of 3D printing technology. APWorks- popularly known as a subsidiary of Aircraft manufacturer Airbus has invented a motorcycle called “Light Rider”. It is the world’s first 3D printed bike that runs on an electric motor and has been very delightfully priced as $56,100.
The weight of the machine is merely 35 kg and it has been crafted in a special aluminium frame. APWorks created a new name for the material used in the manufacture of this bike “Scalmalloy”. The Scalmalloy is a custom aluminium alloy powered but it has the strength of Titanium. This material has already been used by the company, in order to create large structures. It is done by fusing thin layers of the material together. Same way, the motorcycle has been created.
The bike has been fashioned with some awesome features such as:
• It is stunning looking model where the cables and pipes are accommodated by the hollow frame
• The battery is placed in the middle of the bike, making it easy for the lower centre of gravity
• The bike is claimed to hit 0-45 kmph run in 3 seconds and its maximum speed is 80 kmph
• The battery of the bike allows it to run for over 60 km on a single charge. It can also be swapped if necessary
For now, APWorks wants to keep their amazing invention exclusive in the market by launching only 50 units. At the price per piece as $56,100, it is not even remotely affordable for the average earning folks. But if you are besotted by the charm of 3D bike then you better hurry up as APWorks have opened the registration on a booking price of $2200.

Source: NDTV News

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