XYZ Printing To Get Exposure In 3D Printing Audience With SOLIDWORKS Integration

3D Printing industry has experienced exceptional growth in a small array of time. That is why with the constant growth of this industry, many new brands came up on the horizon with their outstanding services.
Kinpo Group launched XYZ Printing in the year 2014 with its feature-rich Da Vinci 3D Printer range. These were low-cost printers with the richest assortment of features. After such a huge arrival, today this company is tagging up with other high-end brands and it is expected to sell other brands like MakeBot and Ultimaker.
XYZ Printing has recently done a partnership with Dassault Systemes- one of the top-notch 3D Print Company in France. The growth of XYZ Printing can be foreseen after such a huge partnership.
XYZ Printing has also announced big news on its deal with a European software company. The association is to integrate 3D printing solutions from XYZ Printing product ecosystem with SOLIDWORKS software. In this way, it will be easy for a SOLIDWORKS user to send their CAD files to XYZ Printing devices. Thus, this will eliminate the hassle of exporting STL file and opening it with a different print management system for 3D printing.
XYZ Printing Company commenced as a consumer-focused brand where low-cost fused filament fabrication 3D printers were sold. The company has not only focused on delivering low-priced printers in the market but simultaneously, they have also expanded their range while venturing in the industrial market. After the first Nobel 1.0 Stereolithography 3D Printer, Inkjetting 3D Printer was also unveiled by XYZ Printing. This printer has the tendency to print at layer thickness as fine as 13 microns. The development of full-color binder jetting platform is also in progress that is expected to be four to ten times quicker than other models in binder jetting systems.
Formerly, the ecosystem of XYZ Printing was integrated with Microsoft 3D Builder app due to which, users were able to do direct 3D printing through XYZ printers. The standards of 3D printing are increasing by the moment. So, it is quite essential for the companies to establish themselves in the industry accordingly. It has been reported that there are more than 3,073,600 product designers that use SOLIDWORKS. XYZ Printing has taken a huge step towards success by associating with this company.


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