Chinese company 3D prints a working car for just $1770

3D printing is making waves across the world in multiple industries. In the recent past, we read about a company in China 3D printing 10 houses in a single day. Now, another company in China tried to do the same thing for the car. A company called Sanya Sihai, based out of Sanya City, China has 3D printed a car. This car weighs 500 kg and is completely electric powered. It took around 45 days to build the whole car.

3D Printed Car

The car is printed in a “Tyrant Gold” filament and the car used an astounding 500kg of filament in the 3D printing process. In total, including 1000 yuan for electricity and labor, the car cost about 11,000 yuan ($1770) to build. The 3D printed body itself is estimated to have cost about 10 yuan per KG of material. This car can seat two and travel at speeds of up to 40km/h (25 MPH). It measures 3.6-meters long (11.9ft) and 1.63-meters (5.5ft) wide. It is interesting to watch out for new versions of Sanya Sihai.

3D Printed Car


3D Printed Car

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