Formlabs releases Form 2 SLA 3D Printer

FormLabs Form 2 3D Printer

FormLabs is one major 3D printer manufacturer that made a huge mark on 3D printing industry by launching an affordable SLA 3D printer called Form 1. Form 1 had become an instant success and later the company launched Form 1+ 3D printer, an upgraded version of Form 1 3D printer. And in no time, the company launched the next version printer called Form 2. Form 2 can be considered an enhanced version of Form 1 3D printer. Form 2 is an SLA 3D printer that offers the following benefits when compared to Form 1 & Form 1+ 3D printers



  • Bigger prints
  • ‘Smarter’ components
  • Connected capabilities
  • Intuitive printing experience

“Through building the Form 1 and Form 1+ we’ve learned that professional engineers, designers and creators need access to powerful, easy ­to use systems. We believe that this is the ‘next wave’ of the 3D printing industry: high resolution output with a simple user experience packaged in a desktop footprint,” said Max Lobovsky, co-­founder of Formlabs. “In many ways, 3D printing technology is following a similar path to the desktop computer. It started with mainframes, was adopted by the hobbyist and then evolved into the powerful desktop machines everyone uses today. The Form 2 represents the next wave of 3D printing technology.”

Form 2 3D Printer
Form 2 3D Printer

The build volume of Form 2 3D printer is twice that of Form 1 & Form 1+ 3D printer and it also has 40% larger capabilities and 50% more powerful laser thereby giving much better resolution. Large parts requiring intricate detailing can be printed with a new process included in the Form 2 that offers a sliding peel mechanism, wiper, and heated resin tank, along with an automated system that refills the tank with new resin cartridges during printing.

Formlabs’ PreForm Software is also updated to provide one click-printing option, allowing for preparation and simplification of the overall printing process. The new 3D printer also offers wireless printing with notifications that are also available on the mobile platform, traditional desktop, or tablet. Below is a video from Formlabs introducing the Form 2:

Form 2 3D printer retails at $3,499 and is accompanied by FormLabs PreForm software.

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