3D printing is revolutionizing medicine

World first 3D printed rib cage

Medical industry is one area where 3D printing is creating massive impact. The basic need in medical industry is to have personalised complex parts to replace existing body parts and no other technology solves this problem better and in cost-efficient manner than 3D printing technology.

Last week, a Spanish man received world’s first 3D printing titanium ribcage after doctors had to remove a large portion of his sternum due to a cancerous tumor. The chest prosthetics are extremely complex to create due to complex customised geometry. So far, doctors use the flat and plate implants that they bend to fit the patients rib structure. It is a huge trial and error process and also overtime those fixtures become loose thereby creating complications. Thus, a 3D printed implant becomes a much safer and convenient option to go for.

This 3D printed implant is another addition to the growing list of 3D printed prosthetics. Read: Titanium Skull, 3D Printed Spinal Implants, Bone Tissue. No human body is the same so therefore every implant has to be different and very unique to that human body. And that is where 3D printing is going to play a major role.

Scientists are even working on fabricated organs and 3D printed pills. With all the new possibilities, companies are sure to keep churning out 3D printed products. It is very likely that, 5 years from now, every hospital will be having a 3D printer and when patient walks in, they would just scan the patients body part, print it and replace the actual part with the printed on.

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