Fuel3D Introduces SCANIFY Mobile Package and Press-and-Scan

Fuel3D Introduces SCANIFY Mobile Package and Press-and-Scan

Fuel3D, which launched SCANIFY, an affordable handheld 3D scanner, at CES 2015, announced two new products to improve SCANIFY’s ability to accurately capture 3D models. The new products, SCANIFY Mobile Package and Press-and-Scan compund, makes the SCANIFY 3D scanner, winner of the 2015 CES Best of Innovation Award in the 3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing category, portable and eliminates the problems faced when capturing shiny objects.

SCANIFY Mobile Package

The SCANIFY Mobile Package comes with 4200mAh lithium-ion polymer rechargeable battery, cables to connect SCANIFY device to the tablet and battery pack, plus a free downloadable and editable 3D-printable mount to incorporate the mobile package equipment. The newly designed ‘Tablet Edition’ (32bit) Studio software works with any Windows-based tablet. The rechargeable battery included in the SCANIFY Mobile Package allows for 3 hours of continuous scanning. This package eliminates the need of a desktop or laptop as well as an electricity source to connect the scanner making it portable and flexible.Fuel3D Introduces SCANIFY Mobile Package and Press-and-Scan“With this development, we have given SCANIFY users the freedom to take 3D scanning to places where it just wasn’t possible before,” said Stuart Mead, CEO of Fuel3D. “Whether you’re exploring ancient ruins, visiting a sculpture exhibition, or hosting an event where guests are being scanned, SCANIFY can help you preserve your experiences in 3D.”

SCANIFY Mobile Package benefits:
  • Convenient: no PC/ outlet required, just you and your creativity!
  • Portable: battery pack and tablet combo provides complete freedom.
  • Exclusive: SCANIFY battery pack and supplied cables have been carefully tested and modified to work with your SCANIFY device.

“As a handheld product, SCANIFY has always been more flexible than most other 3D scanning systems, but we wanted to offer our customers the ability to go completely mobile by removing the need to remain tethered to a power supply,” said Andrew Larkins, CTO of Fuel3D. “By enabling a standard tablet and battery to be easily mounted onto the scanner, you can now take SCANIFY wherever you want!”

SCANIFY Press-and-Scan Compound

The SCANIFY Press-and-Scan compound offers solution to the most common problem that users face when capturing shiny, translucent or sharp edged objects. The soft, Play-Doh-like material creates clear imprints of such objects pressed into it. These highly detailed and clear imprints are then 3D scanned. Fuel3D Introduces SCANIFY Mobile Package and Press-and-Scan

This product is particularly well suited to applications such as reverse engineering, concept modelling and other industrial applications, where flat and shiny objects are most frequently scanned.

Press-and-Scan Compound Benefits
  • Explore new applications: scan impressions of shiny, reflective or very-dark objects that cannot be scanned directly.
  • Applies to professional and creative settings: Press-and-Scan compound leaves crisp and clear impressions of objects ready for 3D scanning.
  • Consistently delivers: compound sticks to itself leaving no mess and because it contains no moisture, never dries out!

“All 3D scanners face challenges when it comes to shiny, flat or reflective surfaces,” said Larkins. “With the SCANIFY Press-and-scan compound we are providing our users with an option to help them overcome some of these challenges.”

The new products, SCANIFY Mobile Package and a press-and-scan compound will be showcased at CES 2016 in January.

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