Afforadable and stronger 3D printed prosthetics for children

3D printed prosthetics has been surging up as one of the promising developments in the medical field. This very development has brought a sigh of relief to people, both children and elderly ones. In the past we have come across such information where different designers, medical practitioners and scientists in countries like USA have developed prosthetics using the 3D printed technology. This technology has helped the designers not just to manufacture stronger prosthetics but also to sell them at affordable prices. The prosthetics manufactured in traditional ways usually costs around 1000s of dollars, but these 3D printed prosthetics cost much less than these traditional ones, ….. probably just few bucks.

Although certain manufacturing flaws were noted in recent past, like, for eg., the ones which are made from ABS or PLA materials, have been found to be prone to breaking down very easily during children’s physical activity like playing, bicycling or any other adventure sports. This is, needless to say, a halt to the regular lifestyle of these children, especially when they are doing some kind of physical activity that requires their body weight.

Keeping these important facts in mind German industrial designer, Johanna Gieseler came up with a plausible solution. She started 3D printing her own range of prosthetic designs that are claimed to be pretty strong, such that it is capable of withholding a strong punch. So this gives an easy choice for the children (not that they will be prone to getting punched) to use them and can now mingle with the other blokes more confidently.

However, there’s a slight glitch in the design – it does not sport the five fingers like the usual prosthetics. Rather this 3D printed design features a claw-like design that enables it to hold on to anything. The pic below will illustrate clearly the design.

Sample pictures of the 3D printed prosthetics by Johanna

Another great news is that that this unique piece will be showcased at the Milan Design Week, 2015 which is scheduled from 14th to 19th April, 2015 at Milan, Italy. And soon it will be available in different colours, giving it more cooler look for its targeted customers.

It’s the birthright of every child to be able to grow, have fun and learn with the other kids of their age and such tragedies, like having any limb disability, should not be the reason good enough to stop them from doing so. We at think3D, believe that this very thought, along with a heart of doing it, are encouraging many designers and scientists across the globe to design different kinds of prosthetics which are not only appealing for the eyes, but also strong enough to be used comfortably by different patients. Also, with every invention the material of these prosthetics are being carefully chosen, in order to make it stronger, long-lasting and more flexible to be used for all age groups.


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