How Polyjet Printing is making Realistic Cosmetic Packaging

The cosmetic industry is one that is driven by how the consumers look and feel the packaging before purchase. Although looks is not the only criteria to attract customers, a constant innovation and giving a new look and feel is vital to make them stand out on the shelf. And in most design cases, evaluating each idea purely based on rendered images is not enough and requires prototyping that looks and feels exactly like how the real packaging would be. Thanks to the developments in Polyjet printing, multi-material and multi-coloured prints are possible. Polyjet 3D printing technology uses a print head that sprinkles droplets of photosensitive ink that is cured by the UV light. 


Packaging can be designed in any shape and form due to the fact that 3D printing has no geometric limitations.


Designs and patterns of different colours can be printed into a single package. This is achieved by the Polyjet print head that selectively deposits the different coloured resins. Blended colours are also possible that transition from one to another along the body.



Text can be directly incorporated into the body instead of engraving or embossing. This is another way to display company logos and product names without having to create embossed text.


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