‘KAST’ the Fastest 3D printer

Kast3DP, founded by Nirvana Jay and Compiler Liu, came up with its latest Kast 3D printer, a stereolithography 3D printer that allows you to build high quality 3D plastic in a matter of hours. The printer can print 12 times faster than existing SLA 3D printers at extra high speeds because it can cure layers of resin.

The patent pending “retina casting” technology is not exactly the same as SLA (stereolithography) according to KAST, but it’s similar. The process uses UV-sensitive liquid resin, solid form of the final cured resin will melt at approximately 400 degrees celsius.

KAST 3D printer will be targeted towards the prosumer market and is expected to be priced at around $3000. The Kast 3D printer will be launched on Kickstarter soon, and will be offered at $1,790 for early bird Kickstarter backers

Specifications of the new KAST 3D printer:
– Print Size – 200mmX150mmX200mm (6L)
– Layer Resolution – Approximately 50 Microns (x,y) and 20 microns (z) axes
– Material – Liquid resin

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