Now 3D printing is the newest entrant in the “ways to make money” list. 3D printing has become the fastest money making product available in the market. Of late it is one of the coolest technologies that have been introduced in the market. But many people especially the DIYers buy this printer so only to print some component or fabricate something that they need. Very limited section of people have been able to use their 3D printers in a commercial way successfully. But put to proper use, anybody can become an entrepreneur with the help of their 3D printers.

3D printing is becoming affordable with each passing day for individuals like engineers, innovators, designers, doctors- basically anyone who wants to get a new design and exhibit their innovative talents in front of others.

Now, the question stands how can you earn money and start a small business using 3D printing?

There are several designers who are making a living out of 3D products. Alex Horstein and Bilal Ghalib have made their way across the US with only four DIY 3D printers in the trunk of their car. They started this project aiming to start a business of designing, producing and selling products made out of low end 3D printers. The entire process of designing, testing and producing involves two or three days and then they sell the product at a very low price.

There are also many organizations that help individuals to make their dreams turn into reality by helping them print the model that they desire.

One such example would be that of Andreas, an IT guy in Austria customizes Lego “minifigs”, small plastic articulated figurines that are available as construction toy Lego. Since Lego stopped producing these parts, this designer designed a new hat and had it 3D printed at Shapeways. The product became so popular that he sold 5000 items up to now. There are many such designers who with the help of various 3D printing companies become entrepreneurs. Apart from Shapeways, There are various organizations that are enabling others to put their printer to work. Some of such organizations are Ponoko, Sculpteo etc. According to statistics about 10% of the designers selling their products online are making decent money.

Makexyz is the first and the largest print sourcing site. The working of the site is very simple and user friendly. If you have a 3D printer you just have to add it to the directory and the people in and around your area can commission you to get their 3D models at specific rates. This saves the loss of time and cost of shipping which was huge earlier. Another company called CowFab has the best bet for any consumer who wants to buy a 3D model. Instead of consumer tracking down printers, the people who have printers can bid online on the projects of the consumers. Since betting scenario makes it’s a bit competitive but the owner of CowFab are optimistic towards attracting more consumers.

Apart from all this for all those people who have a great idea but do have the CAD skills or a printer to bring their dreams into reality then the apt place to go would be you can send them the design of the idea that you have and they will get a designer to fabricate the model.

Azavy is an organization that allows both the parties to a win-win situation. Both the designer as well as the printer can make money. you can upload the design and get it printed or you can list your printer and set bids for printing objects, if someone places an order then you might have to print it.

3D printing is a world full of possibilities and promises. It totally depends on an individual as to how to exploit this in the most beneficial way.

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