Man 3D Prints Replica of WWII Bomb

World War II bomb replica

Last month we read news about a Japanese man being jailed for 3D printing a gun. He became a first person to be jailed for 3D printing an object. Read more about it here. Even before that incident died down in the popular imagination, New Jersey based artist Jim Caruso used a 3D printer to create a realistic replica of an American World War II bomb. His 3D printed replica is just a replica of the bombs used in World War II and it can not be used in any kind of way to harm people.

Mr. Jim Caruso spent several days printing out 15  different pieces of this bomb and glued them together in order to make the bomb look as authentic as possible. He put multiple coats of automotive primer on the thermoplastic, followed by car paint in a drab olive green.  Printing explosives shows the dark side of 3D printing and the possibilities it offer. Solid Concepts recently announced a new 3D printed metal gun, called The Reason. The company created the gun by melting metal powder with a laser, a technique called “Sintering”.

Image credits: Jim Caruso.

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