Microsoft Hololens

Microsoft today announced the launch of a new device called HoloLens. HoloLens uses AR technology and is also a holographic device. Microsoft is positioning HoloLens as a gaming device by showing a holographic Minecraft world all around a living room. But in lines with Kinect, it will end up being used for everything. Kinect is being used for creating 3D models to 3D print. The same is likely to happen with the Microsoft HoloLens.

Microsoft has been a big believer in consumer 3D printing right from the beginning, when it integrated 3D printing support in its Windows 8 operating system and began selling MakerBot 3D printers in its stores. Thus it should come as no surprise that it sees 3D printing as a way to transform whatever can be seen and made in the virtual AR world into a physical object.Various applications will range from education to medical, engineering and architectural design.

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