New 3D printer for printing PCBs – Nano Dragonfly 2020

dragonfly 2020

There’s great news for technologists and computer geeks who are interested having their own PCB boards made in much less time – and also, … costing less…

Last week, Israel-based public company, Nano Dimension, introduced their own Dragonfly 2020 3D system at an event held in Tel-Aviv in Israel. Nano Dimension told, “We all wish that developing multi-layer professional PCBs was faster and more flexible, that’s why we’re making a 3D PCB printer and a suite of nano-technology inks specifically for PCB professionals.”

To create the most advanced PCB boards the printer uses advanced 3D inkjet deposition technology and as materials for 3D printing the machine requires nano-inks with insulating and conductive properties.

The company holds the licence for using silver nano-particle processes, which were developed Professor Shlomo Magdassi, one of the thought leaders in Nano Technology and a professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Dragonfly 2020 is capable of rapid prototyping PCB’s quickly. Not just would you be able to print a PCB board faster but this company is sharing with you its entire prototyping process. Any developer who’s interested in 3D printing his own prototype will be able to do so at his convenience. This printer is claimed to reduce the cost of making a PCB board.

“The Nano Dimension PCB printer is a highly-accurate and versatile inkjet deposition system for printing multi-layer circuit boards. The innovative hardware, dedicated nano-inks and novel software bring new possibilities to a wide range of R&D, prototyping and custom manufacturing projects.” Nano Dimensions told.

The printer is capable of soldering. Also it can used like the copper based PCBs, and you do not need to replace the old tools or the development processes. It is Gerber File compatible.

The preorder opens in early 2016. And the price is not yet set by the company.

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