New start-up launches 3D printed eye-wear, that will perfectly fit your face

3D printing is opening up avenues so that people can reach out to showcase their artwork, designs, technological innovations, and many more. They are able to express their creative side. Every creativity should be acknowledgeable and maybe useful for them

It is a fact that 3D printed eye-wear tops the list for being experimented the most by different designers. Therefore it is implied that people are eager to change the monotonous look of their spectacles (prescribed) or shades. 

A new set of designers from Hong Kong have set out to come up with designs that perfectly fits every type of human face, coming in different sizes. “If clothes and shoes have sizes to choose from, why not glasses?” writes the Hong Kong-based designers. Their company, ITUM, calls their range MONO 3D printed eyewear, which is going to be “a collection of eye-wear sets out to bring the perfect-fit and thus enhance wearing comfort by providing the choice of size, a fundamental yet long-missing“feature”, made possible by the latest advancements in 3D printing technology.”

While looking for a new pair of spectacles or sunglasses we might face trouble finding the right size that fits the temple. Designer Edmond Wong faced similar problems. And, as a call for solution ITUM was born. So, bye-bye to ‘one-size-fitting-all’ concept and say hello to ITUM.

For a pair to fit comfortably the size of the temple, the depth of the nose-pad and the width of the frame has to be perfect. The specs are 3D printed in such a way that it fits the face type perfectly, keeping the 3 parameters in mind.

The name MONO suggests that it has it is not divided into parts like the traditional acetate frames. [Refer to the diagram below]

ITUM SpecksThis unique feature is named “DNA joint” (patent-pending). Even though it’s 3D printed with solid nylon it can still bend in all directions.

ITUM has 5 designs for both prescribed lenses and shades.

The company is currently targeting to raise $30,000 with the help of Indiegogo, and give a shape to MONO ITUM. The price range ranges from $99 to $119. Prescribed glass – $99 and sunglasses – $119.

If this would’ve been in USA this could’ve given a tough competition to the revolutionary, New York based Warby Parker who were the first to bring the low cost range of spectacles of only $99 in the USA.

“Though MONO’s frame is 3D printed, we do need to meet the minimum order quantities in manufacturing the accessories such as the lens, the case and lens cloth, and to cover various costs on product development, operation and patent applications,” the company shares.

A Classy white eye-wear by ITUM

Model posing for ITUM


3D printing is letting out ways to help people, both individually and also a group, in every ways possible.


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