3D print your own Kinetic sculpture


Entrepreneurs and enthusiasts have been sharing their stories on how they are creating a whole set of objects by printing different parts and assembling them. It is not impossible to 3D print complicated objects anymore. You can always design and print the smaller objects, 3D print them individually and separate them. Obviously, for this purpose you have to know the engineering of the object you choose to make.

Among such enthusiasts Adam Patterson, USA has self-made “The Wave”, a 3D printed kinetic sculpture, that can be easily made at home by anyone who’s willing.

“This work is an original design that I’ve put quite a bit of effort into,” says Adam  “So I figured I might as well share it with the community.”  Adam has also shared the whole process in his Instructables page

Adam designed the parts in Autodesk’s Autocad 2015. A lot of importance has been given on making a sturdy crank handle, which is the main shaft. The shaft consists of oval egg-like structures, a mini pole-like structure and another base consisting of a base with holes created on the top for the pole to be inserted. Adam printed 40 pieces, whereas the Arm Hinge Support, Camshaft Support and Base Plate requires single copy.

A 15% infill density was maintained to print all the parts with 3 top/bottom layers, along 3 perimeters. But as per Adam, the base plate can maintained at 5 – 10% infill density. Adam also used Slic3r software and ABS filament for printing.

Adam used Sharpie (you can use any other permanent marker), a hobby knife, sandpaper, one small screw, thread, a medium viscosity (CA) glue and ball bearings.

“A lot of time and effort went into this project. It’s been a blast from start to finish,” adds Adam,  “and i hope it brings you as much entertainment as it has brought me!”

Follow the video to understand the whole process.

If you have the zeal then 3D printing will be your way.


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