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Overview of 3D Scanning:
3D Scanning: It is the process of converting physical objects into 3D images using 3D scanners.
Tasks performed in 3D scanning:
3D Scanning,Dimensional inspection, Reverse engineering, 3D inspection, CMM

1.3D Scanning: As we have already discussed about 3D scanning, now let us know in detail. For scanning the object we need scanners, so these are the scanners.
White light scanner: This is used for scanning the surface height measurements of an object. Some of the white light scanners we have in house are Einscan Pro 2X, Einscan Pro 2X Plus,etc.
Blue light scanner: This scanner produces high resolution images. Using this scanner we can get highly accurate readings. Solutionix C500 is the blue light scanner we are using.
Pulse scanner: In this scanner a ray of light is focused on a distant place and the pulse scanner measures the distance from origin to destination.
Medical field: In medical field 3D scanning is mainly used to produce prosthetic limbs and detailed study of body parts.
Engineering: With the help of 3D scanning we can get exact measurements of an object which makes the reverse engineering process easy.
Animation: 3D scanning is used by the game developers for scanning both the objects and environments.

2.Dimensional inspection: Inspection is nothing but checking or examining the things. Dimensional inspection is the process of verifying whether the manufactured equipment is as per required dimensions or not.
Automotive industry: All the parts are examined so that we can know whether all the parts are as per dimensions or not.
Medical: All the medical instruments are checked using dimensional inspection.

3.Reverse engineering: It is the process of reproducing the same objects. With the help of 3D scanning we can produce an exact copy of the object by reverse engineering.
Importance: We cannot start from the beginning if we want to develop a new product every time. And we need to optimize the resources available and reduce the production time. So in order to gain all of them we need a reverse engineering approach. In this way we can improve the quality and less maintenance costs.
Process: Firstly the data is scanned and it is imported. Finally model is created.
Engineering: It is used when we want to design a new product or to reproduce the same product.
Medical field: It is used to produce replicas of the patient’s structure.
Animation: Animated objects are created using reverse engineering.

4. 3D Inspection: It is a testing technique in which the 3D virtual image is created. This is used to review and analyse the data in 3D form.
Applications: Using 3D inspection we can detect the flaws of a product. Example food industry, defense, automotive etc.

5.CMM(Coordinate measuring machine): It is a device which measures geometry of objects. The distance is measured with the help of a probe. A probe is used for examining the information.
Applications: It is used for measuring the machine parts in various fields such as aerospace, automobile, military, defense etc.

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