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3D Designing: It is the process of creating a 3D model with the help of CAD software. There are various tasks in 3D designing. Now let us know about different types of designing services we have.
Organic Modelling, Inorganic Modelling, Medical Modelling, Reverse engineering, CAD Modelling, 3D rendering, Miniature Design, Mesh Repair and Correction, Character Modelling

Organic Modelling: In this we create 3D models of living creatures such as people,animals, trees etc. This is done without considering parameters ,dimensions etc.
Example: Miniatures, cartoons etc.

Inorganic Modelling: In this we create 3D models of non living things which are man made. This is done by considering all the parameters and dimensions.
Example: Car,Bike

Medical Modelling: This type of modelling is used in medical fields which is useful for doctors. While going for surgeries they will make a demo on this type of models. Here the input is DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine) File.
Example: Dental,Human Implants etc.

Reverse Engineering: This is the process of producing replicas of the same model. Generally this is used when we want to produce the same model or to improve the features of that model. It can also be defined as the process of extracting the data that is enough to reproduce a model. This allows the manufacturers to improve the features of the product.

CAD Modelling: CAD stands for Computer Aided Design. Any model can be designed using this software. CAD is mainly used in engineering drawing and construction. Using this we can design both 2D and 3D models. General applications of this are automotive, aerospace, architectural design etc. The file formats are stl, obj, iges, step, dxf, dwg, prt, x_t, sldprt, pdf. Any of your idea can be turned into reality with the help of CAD.

3D Rendering: It is defined as the process of converting 3D models into 2D images. We have seen many of the 3D rendered images in our real life. For example animated cartoons, social media, online shopping websites, medical imaging, video games, CGI in movies etc. The rendered images may be realistic or non-realistic.
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Miniature Design: Miniatures are small versions of things which are normally larger in size. In other ways they are small scale production of any objects or models. In order to design a miniature we need photos of that object in different angles i.e front view ,top view, side view etc.

Mesh Repair and Correction: In order to repair or correct any stl file, it is converted into mesh format. A mesh is a collection of vertices, edges ,faces which form a 3D shape.This is done for getting accurate results.

Character Modelling: It is the process of creating a character. The techniques are essential for third – and first person experiences within film,animation,games and VR training programs.

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