Ringz, a new mobile app to design and 3D print your own ring

Ringz Mobile App

Jewelery is a way of expressing creativity and craftsmanship. Jewelry creation is popular for centuries and is still very popular in 21st century. There are different kinds of jewelry items with interesting designs available in the market. With the advent of 3D printing, the jewelery design / print has got a whole new meaning. So far, jewelery design has been a specialized art mastered by few. But with 3D printing technology, anyone can design and print a jewelry. At think3D, we have been churning out some beautiful ornaments on regular basis. The only missing link here is ease of designing the jewels. 3D design softwares aren’t intuitive and it takes few months training to get a grip on the software. Many innovators are working on making the designing work very simple.

Miro Straka, Slovakia based designer and art student is one such innovator who built a mobile app to easily design rings. The app, called Ringz, lets users of all levels design their own rings and save them or send them out to a 3D printing service. The mobile app is very simple to use and allows for a wide range of styles and options for designing your own 3D printed ring. There are also a wide range of models to choose from and play with.

Ringz Mobile App

Rings as jewelry items have lot more emotional value than other kinds of Jewelry. A ring signifies commitment and love for the person. So, what best way to express that love than through a personalized ring with your imprint on it. Ringz exactly does this. It lets you personalize the ring with your name or other characters. The options are endless.

Source: 3DPrint

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