The M3D Pro Printer Fares Well at Kickstarter

The M3D Pro accomplished to reach their $100,000 in two hours at the Kickstarter. It is one of the world’s most user-friendly printers, another successful product from the M3D team.

The M3D gathered feedback from their customers and have tried to reduce the negativities faced with other 3D printers. They covered all little details and aspects like temperature, voltage, speed bed leveling, current, position, and more. If the printer is self-sufficient in all intricate details, the user will be more comfortable in using the printer.

The M3D Pro attracted investments due to its advanced features. The M3D team has promoted the 3D printer as the future of design. Owing to its size and price, the M3D Pro is a very useful product for everyday use.

The M3D- special features

The M3D Pro has a heated print bed made from tempered glass, a feature usually absent in most entry-level 3D printers. It has a printing speed of 80 mm/s and 150 mm/s and has an efficient heated bed. Its volume is (7.5 x 7 x 7 inches) and has a full-metal hot end heating to 270°C. The printer has a standalone printing feature that is accomplished from internal memory. The printer carries features like auto bed leveling and is also equipped to resume printing after filament shortage or power-loss – another breakthrough feature. It is more powerful and efficient than the previous Micro and has a two-year warranty (the Micro only came with a one-year warranty).

The M3D Pro is highly accessible and comes with First-time tutorials. The M3D Pro can pretty much print in carbon, wood, or metal-fill, though they suggest using their exclusive company manufactured filaments.

The M3D team has been successful in all its business ventures in their three years in the 3D printing industry. With their M3D Micro, they had reached their Kickstarter aim in 11 minutes.


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