Trio 3D prints portable stand, smartphone wall attacher and cable tidy (all-in-one)


3D printing technology has been literally a dream come true for technology innovators and new age entrepreneurs. With the backing of Kickstarter and 3D printing they are able to launch many innovative products that has proved to be useful for the users also. Using this opportunity three entrepreneurs from Greece brainstormed and came up with something very unique and innovative at the same.

Three college friends from Athens, Greece – Milatis, Ilias and Liban have been working on their idea of making a portable smartphone stand and cable tidy for quite some time. So soon they came up with “Stikey”, a portable smartphone stand and cable tidy. It can also function as a magnetic key-chain.

Stikey trio

Stikey, 3D printed in polyurethane, consists of a built-in magnet which can get attached to a small and thin metal tab of around 0.2 mm. You can place this tab at the back of your smartphone or smartphone case. This magnet allows you to mount your phone on a wall while you are probably charging your phone’s battery or taking an online cooking class from your smartphone.

stikey demo

Stikey mounted on a wall“We developed Stikey in order to enhance our smartphone experience and add the element of versatility in the way we use them,” said the designers on their Kickstarter page.

Stikey key chain“Another important aspect of our design approach was portability. We wanted users to have Stikey with them at all times in order for them to benefit from its features whenever needed. We have analysed different user profiles and developed several concept designs. From the initial concepts we moved on early prototypes which we tested with users for functionality and form.”
“We have carried out a detailed production and delivery plan for Stikey and are committed to stick to it and send out rewards ASAP,” they said.
The conclusion of the kickstarter campaign for the trio seems very bright because they’ve already reached £9,879 of their £12,000 goal.
3D printing technology has been extensively used by many zany inventors, producing low cost and good quality products.

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