World’s first 3D printed air-conditioner by Haier


3D printing is permeating all walks of life. Various mega corporations are venturing into 3D printing space big time. Here is another such initiative by one of the big appliance manufacturers in world. Haier unveiled the first ever 3D printed air-conditioner at Annual Appliance & Electronics World Expo (AWE) held at Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC). The objective of the event is  to summon all the companies, resellers, merchants, leading corporates, vendors and many more in the household consumable segment. This kind of event is conducted with the intention to discuss, share and bring forth any latest and possible futuristic information to the advancement of this particular industry.

So, this Qindao, Shandong based company managed to have a lot of footfall in its counter, and moments after it unveiled the air-conditioner (AC) patrons and enthusiasts were all eyes and ears about the features and functions of the AC. The crowd was visibly overwhelmed.

3d printed AC

The different parts of the AC were 3D printed, along with the exterior which was made up of blue and white 3D filaments.

One interesting fact about the making of the AC is that its colors, style, structure, and even the performance can be adjusted by its consumer according to his or her own convenience – a fascinating attribute of 3D printing. The consumer has the freedom to customize the AC with accordance to his or her home decor and personal taste.

Though this model is completely configurable, Haier is currently offering this very model. The first model on the display at the event was purchased by a tech-savvy at 40,000 Chinese Yuan ($6395).  Also, little bit more about the functional property about the machine is that it runs with the high-quality “Haier Smart Ecosystem”.

First car, then 3D printed prosthetics and now AC. 3D printing is spreading, rather, has already spread like wild fire. but surely we, at think3D,  are anticipating something bigger and better. We believe 3D printing will not only promote mankind, but currently it is giving an edge to the enthusiastic artists, believers and creators. It’s a New Age for the Technocrats.

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