3D Hubs’ July Report gives valuable insights on what is trending in 3D Printing world

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Over the past one year we have seen notable developments in the field of 3D printing. Enthusiasts who found their passion in 3D printing technology have been trying to build 3D printers and ancillaries, like 3D filaments, on their own, based on what they think will optimize others’ needs and take less time. This desire has led towards innovation of numerous 3D printers and useful 3D filaments. 3D Hubs’ July Report gives a comprehensive data of which 3D printers are able to make its mark in this field.

For eg., As per the report, Kossel XL, DeltaWASP and Zortrax M200 are among top rated desktop 3D printers. However, printers like Lulzbot Taz 5, Prusa Steel and Lulzbot Mini are the top three ‘trending’ desktop 3D printers, followed by Da Vinci 1.0A and Rapide Lite 200.Printer Quality Ratings July 2015_2Interestingly New York, Los Angeles, Milan, London & Paris are the top five cities who are into 3D printing. These five cities are mainly known to be among the top business hubs in the world, and some, like Paris, Milan, New York & LA, are the fashion destinations of the world. This may indicate to the fact that 3D printing is being more useful for innovations in the fashion & accessories industry.Top Print Cities July 2015


3D Hubs’ report also gives an interesting insight on “who” all are 3D printing. Professionals, i.e., one who’s using 3D printing for work and Makers, (one who’s using it for his personal use and also who designs his own models) top the list with each 34.9% followed by Pioneers 21.7%. Pioneers are basically the group of respondents who are new to the 3D printing world. And lastly are the students, who make 8.5% of the total users.

Who's 3D Printing_2


What would really interest any 3D printing entrepreneur or businessman is the data on which field is using 3D printing technology.Popular Print Categories June 2015

The ‘Popular Prints’ Category refers to where all is 3D printing being used. 32.4% of the respondents said that they use this technology for prototyping following by 22.6% in DIY’s.

These numbers surely give a clear picture of who, what, where of 3D printing world. However, it is pretty much likely that these numbers will keep altering as we, as 3D printing enthusiasts, keep progressing in the fascinating world of 3D printing.

Printer Model Distribution July 2015

For more information you can view the report by clicking here.

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