3D printed homes for city birds by Printed Nest

Printednest colourful Feature

3D printing technology has been bringing various hobbyists and enthusiasts, from across the globe together, under one common platform and share their ideas, discuss about the various nuances of 3D printing technology. People have formed several communities where they are sharing their ideas and experiences, for eg., how to build a racer car, a remote-controlled boat, and even prosthetic limbs.

To add to this ever-growing list of communities a talented bunch of bird lovers have been forming an international community of bird-watchers and bird lovers and using 3D printing technology to help the city birds to get a shelter. These enthusiastic groups have been designing eye-catching 3D printed birdʻs nest for them. These 3D printers-cum-bird lovers’ team are calling themselves the Printed Nest team.

Printed nest

printed nest birdʻs nest

Upon interviewing, one of the team mates told, “Cornerstone of our philosophy is feedback from our users who are considered part of the team – we call it open cloud design.” The whole team shared their opinion on this fast-growing technology saying, “In our opinion there is no perfect design, no flawless product. 3D printing technology is evolving, perfecting itself; future generations are going to be bigger, better and they will be produced much faster than they are now.”

The innovative yet classy design has inspired bird-feeders from all over the world to try the process themselves and the feedback was amazing. About 87 bird feeders in 65 cities covering 20 countries have tried implementing the idea.. and the number is still growing.

Printednest colourful nest

“3D printing technology has a way of developing a product which is constantly evolving and being perfected based on errors of previous prototypes, much as living organisms are,” adds the Printednest team.

It is certain that as 3D printing technology is evolving everyday users are communicating and discussing every problems they are facing, with one another and come to feasible solution(s). These platforms are turning into different community boards including social media groups. But it is quite certain that 3D printing technology is one of the ways to bring the whole world together under various platforms.

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