3D printed wheelchair for girl dog Luisa

Luisa with the wheelchair 3D printed

A dog is a man’s best friend and this species have been evolving and adopting with humankind for over centuries, study shows. Recently many associations used social media tools  to express their concern for the safety of stray dogs and urged for support for their foster homes. We have seen celebrities like Katherine Heigl, Anne Hathaway, Orlando Bloom, Kelly Clarkson, Jay Sean and more, being in news showing support on the subject of adopting pups from Rescue homes. However, as opposed to this brighter side, there are many stray dogs that fall trap of tragic circumstances due to their fate.

Something similar was about to happen to Luisa, who was hardly few days then, and with her 4 siblings and mother. But thanks to proTier eV, a foster animal protection association, based in Germany, soon Luisa and her family was able to find herself a shelter. The team saved them from being put down in the streets of Italy. This was probably the beginning of brighter days for Luisa as she was soon adopted by two experienced dog owners and a loving family of Petra Rapp and Manuel Tosche.

Unfortunately Luisa has one problem. She was born with underdeveloped forelimbs and she had to crawl and hop and take aid for movements. But lucky girl Luisa didn’t have to live that way for long. Her new owners Petra and Manuel, being the founders of Multec 3D printers wanted to make a wheelchair for their little girl, so that she doesn’t have to move with any aid or support anymore.

Luisa in 3D printed wheelchair

Florian Rapp and Karin Buffe, employees at Multec and master students of automotive engineering, designed a 3D model of the chest shell that would serve as a chassis in the wheelchair. While designing it was made sure that the chassis perfectly fits little Luisa’s chest. The wheelchair also needed to weigh as light as possible so that Luisa doesn’t find it difficult to adapt.

The 3D printing was accomplished with the help of a Multirap M420 3D printer.

Luisa seemed happy and excited about her new possession. With the blessings of 3D printing she could move more freely and have fun with her mates and siblings at her home.

Luisa playing with her mate

3D printed wheelchair

wheelchair frontview

Previously we have seen how doctors and biotechnologists 3D printed prosthetic limbs that helped children to use it in their daily lives. This also gave them the joy and confidence to play with other kids of their age.

And in another part of the world the story of the Australian twin brothers  who survived the life-threatening Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy utilising 3D printing technology and kept motivating other Muscular Dystrophy patients motivated.

3D printing technology has been a boon to mankind. And this technology is being utilized to the fullest to help animals as well for their betterment. And thanks to these dog lovers from Germany we know another case of 3D printing technology coming to the rescue for our handicapped friend. This is sheer inspiration to all animal lovers out there who want to make a difference to their lives, using 3D printing technology.

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