3D Printed Strati from Local Motors Gets Even Better

Mouser electronics is an electronics company in Texas which keeps spare and tools for all kinds of space and Earth vehicles. Empowering Innovation Together is a collaborative venture of Mouser with the engineer Grant Imahara. The ISS Design Challenge has launched a contest to design 3D printable electronics for astronauts on the International Space Station. The latest contest was that of autonomous cars, which was aided by Local Motors. Local Motors is a pioneer in 3D printed cars and autonomous vehicle manufacturing.

They launched the 3D printed LM3D Swim car last year, and recently unveiled the Olli the autonomous 3D printed shuttle upon Washington, D.C. This year they also signed a deal with Imahara and Mouser Electronics for the Essence of Autonomy Challenge, which suits the objectives of Empowering Innovation Together. The highlight was Local Motors 3D printed car Strati which had both the technologies of self-driving and human driving. The company invited visitors to convert the cockpit of the car into a living room when the car was shifted into the autonomous mode.

The most creative entry was that of Fin Yonkers from Rhode Island. His design Fly-Mode involves a drone launchpad and reality screens. A drone can be launched from the rear of Strati when the car is in Autonomous mode. The panoramic screen enables the user to watch the drone’s flights from inside the car.

Yonkers will be flown to Phoenix headquarters to develop the car with association with Local Motors and Imahara. Local Motors is equipped with all the technology to make the car autonomous and will not take the car technology to the nest level. Mouser’s Empowering Innovation Together had further enabled the commencement of technology in a smoother way.

Source: 3dprint.com

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