Largest industrial 3D printer Exerial to be debut at the GIFA

Exerial, ExOne 3D Printer

Exerial, the largest 3D printer launched by ExOne, the Industrial 3D printer Manufacturer, will be debut at GIFA Trader Fair at Germany, this June 2015. This printer is unique in the sense that it has multiple industrial stations to allow continuous production and simultaneous processing.

The Exerial has two job boxes, and is 1.5 times larger than ExOneʻs next largest model, the S-Max. It offers a total build platform of 3.168 liters. Itʻs output rate is expected to 4X faster than S-Max. It also contains a new recoater system, multiple print heads and automation controls.

Inside each of the two job boxes the micro-droplets of specially-engineered binder is selective dispensed, taking the help of multiple print heads, into very thin layers of powered materials. The system uses ExOneʻs binder jetting technology.

ExOne has filed five patents related to machine design elements of the Exerial.

“ExOne’s industrial customers are pressing for latter stage technology to address their production needs with a 3D printing system that supports higher volumes and automation for the industrial production environment. When the Exerial system rolls out this year, ExOne will have addressed the industrial-level solution, further separating binder-jetting as a more cost effective technology than other 3D printing solutions,” says the CEO and Chariman of ExOne, S. Kent Rockwell.

Clearly, this printer will be able to speed up 3D printing at industry level. and we are hoping this will trigger more innovative ideas in 3D printing industry. With this innovation, hope more machines come up that will help to simplify complex tasks sooner.

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