Ultra Fast Evo 3D Printer brought to the US

EVO 3D printer

Italian 3D printing manufacturer DYNAMO3D, introduces the D3D Evo to the US market. D3D Evo is believed to be the fastest 3D printer in the current market. It has printing speed of up to 450 mm/s and traveling speed of 700 mm/s. DesignBox3D is launching this printer in the US.

For D3D Evo to work, it needs a technology developed by Create It Real, a Danish company that develops 3D printers and 3D printing accessories. This company uses Real Vision software and their control board. It uses their 3D RTP v450 chip and that is how the printer does its job at the aforementioned speeds.

According to Preet Jesrani, President of DesignBox3D, D3D Evo’s build plate reaches 160 degrees, has a build volume of 240 x 240 x 250mm and this machine can print layer of thickness 0.03 – 0.02 mm (lower speeds) and 0.05 mm at higher speeds. Preet adds, if customers are interested to upgrade, the machine is pre-wired for a second extruder and a Remote Diagnostic System which helps the customers to send the machine to the technical support team.

Evo is well-tested with a variety of filaments like, ColorFabb PLA, XT, Bronzefill, Copperfill, Brassfill, Protopasta Carbonfiber PLA, ABS and more.

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