Micron3DP introduces 3D Printing materials for manufacturing glass

3D printed glass bowl

Over the past few months 3D printing researchers (which may include some of the big names in the 3D printing world) have been introducing various type of [useful] filaments in order to increase the spectrum of innovation for all the enthusiasts, like 3D printing food (though research is still going on in this particular field before we can conclude anything), printing spare parts for automobile and aerospace industries, etc.

But recently an Israel based 3D Printing company introduced a whole new range 3D printing filaments, which is going to take 3D printing technology to a different level altogether.

Micron3DP, an Israel-based 3D printing company, who’s known for being suppliers of high-quality parts of 3D printers, came up with the concept of 3D printing glass substances in liquid hot form, using an all-metal hot extruder which they are calling it “The Cobra”. The company was able to 3D print glass objects by increasing the temperature of the material to 850 degree Celsius. In another case, they 3D printed a borosilicate glass by melting the material at 1640 degrees Celsius.Glass making process - 3D Printing

Micron 3DP - 3D Printed glassAs development and research keeps happening on this particular application of 3D printing we will know how the different fields like that of the medical, automobile and the endless list of manufacturing industries will be benefited with this application, especially due to the less time-taking factor.

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