Remote controlled 3D printed boats hits Japan


If electronics and boats are both your passion then you might be thrilled to know that in Japan there are communities which are devoted to build remote controlled boats and the concept is pretty much trending there. Experimenting 3D printing technology on remote controlled vehicles like cars and aeroplanes has set rolling, but communities in Japan recently have been trying their hands on remote controlled boat making. How cool is that !!?? New and chique at the same time.

Mayoneko, a passionate 3D printed boat building enthusiast from Japan, mentions in his blog that usually the popular tug boats and fire boats are created from the scratch, with the help of a photograph. After the model is created, the size of the boat is scaled up to fit other necessary and useful components for the boats. These components which will be needed in a boat, are often 3D printed themselves.

You would find enthusiasts who enjoy just building these remote controlled boats, and there are also niche group of people who are capable of investing more, choose to recreate the legal restrictions that are followed in real-time ships, on their own boats. And there’s another kind of makers who prefer testing their scaled models in rough conditions to test the integrity of the model. Interestingly the boat makers would create a barge where they would position their tablet or mobile camera.


Japanese engineer K. Marizou is a passionate 3D printed boat builder. His love for both electronics and boats have made build wide range of boats, where, two of them are very detailed and modelled after actual PILOTS Sea Helper sea vessels.


Marizou first gets the images of the boats which are available to him (maybe on cloud), then he would convert these normal image files into 3D printable files at a scale of 1/76 roughly. He would 3D printing the two boats, each 4.65 inches, and attach 3D print propeller blades and test them in different conditions.


3D printed propellers

Something more about the 3D printed boats by Marizou: Both boats had the same body; One was used as a Fire Patrol, consisting of a functioning water cannon that can spray water as far as 3 mts., a radar, a life raft and an antenna. Another, a more complicated, one would be 105 mm long, weigh 119 grams, with a 3.7v350mA battery, and 6-channel DSM 2 receiver.

The 3D printing industry is a promise to the next generation that how much innovative, challenging yet fun things are going to become.

Some children went to Mayenako and asked him “Why are you doing this?”, his simple response was, “just doing this because it’s fun”.

Isn’t that why we all do things that we do!? Success is always related what inspires us, motivates us and where we put in our hard work. We at think3D pray we all find out what inspires us the most and it be “3D printed” in our own lives.

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