Upcoming 3D printer Chocotory showcases its designs at Bakery China 2015

At Bakery China 2015

The 18th Annual International Bakery Exhibition, Bakery China, seemed to have great deal of surprises in store for all its spectators. This event, which was hosted in Shanghai, is one of the most sought-after events in China where companies and food manufacturers to showcase their latest products in front of 80,000 odd visitors.

Chocotory chocolatesWhat seemed to gain lot of attention was that of the chocolate bakeries by Chocotory 3D printer which is a creation of the China-based Nanjing Research Institute of Additive Manufacturing.

This event was an opportunity to showcase their good creations for the first time.

Chocotory chocolatesThere were lot of delightful products made by the company like stencil arts, wedding series, high heels, etc. The taste of the food products by Chocotory have got rave reviews from the visitors who’ve tried their products, therefore making the 3D printer and its products a promising duo.

High heels

Edible basket
Spectators at Bakery China

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