Webinar: 3D Scanning & Its Applications Dated: 25th May 2019

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3D Scanning is becoming as important as, if not more important than 3D Printing for the immense applications it has in manufacturing industry for reverse engineering, dimension inspection & QC. At think3D, we have different types of 3D Scanners to cater to varied customer needs from 3D Scanning a big part like car body to 3D Scanning a minute part like Jewelry ring. In this webinar, we shall give a brief overview on various 3D Scanning technologies that are available with us, applications of various 3D scanners and short introduction to RE & Dimension Inspection softwares. Below is a brief agenda of the workshop. Total duration of the workshop is 120 mins (90 mins session followed by 30 mins Q&A).


  1. Introduction to think3D
  2. Introduction to 3D Scanning
  3. Types of 3D Scanning
  4. 3D Scanning Process
  5. Applications of 3D Scanning
  6. Overview on Solutionix 3D Scanner
  7. Overview on EinScan 3D Scanner
  8. Overview on Hexagon Romer Arm
  9. Overview on Artec Eva 3D Scanner
  10. Introduction to Design-X & Ctrl-X
  11. Few Case Studies
  12. Conclusion

Overview of various technologies will be accompanied with machine pictures and working videos.


think3D has set up India’s largest integrated 3D Printing service facility in Vizag, Andhra Pradesh in partnership with Govt. Of India & Govt. Of Andhra Pradesh. To spread awareness on this technology, think3D is conducting a series of workshops / webinars on regular basis. Please click here to see our webinar calendar.


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