Zhang’s 3D printed “FUTURE” wins Silver Award

Zhang's FUTURE

The Global Footwear Design competition is organized by Delcam CRISPIN UK, recently had some breath-taking ranges of footwear designs showcased by budding and talented designers from across the globe. Delcam CRIPSIN is  one of the leading British shoe designers and also CAD CAM software suppliers for leading shoemakers in the world.

Among the contestants, a Chinese designer, Zhang Xiaolong seemed to have gained a lot of attention of the jury members with his design “FUTURE”, like Katrien Herdewyn of 3DShoes.Com, Bryan Oknyansky, Founder & Designer of Shoes by Bryan, Natacha Alpert, Consultant, MIRAS 3D, Bill Decker, Director, The 3D Printing Channel, and others.

Independent Footwear design expert Rob said ‘Zhang has great creativity, his thought process and story boards are excellent’.

About Zhang: Zhang, has a degree in Industrial Design, currently working as a junior show designer at Anta Group.

Zhang Xiaolong

Now with 3D printing technology catching up in various industries, including the shoe-making industry, the designing speed has proven to be favourable for Zhang, and the fact now shoe-making can be completed with much less cost and workers.

‘Designers need to balance the emotional and the rational, and look for effectiveness and practicality in their designs. I believe that the development of science and technology can help designers present their ideas quickly.’ Zhang says.

As mentioned earlier, the right technique is the key to a successful design. Zhang points out, ‘In the design of a shoe, the surrounding factors must be taken into consideration. ‘Breathability is the key factor in design when it’s hot, while Isolation is the key factor when it’s cold. Inspired by this, I analysed the environment of basketball players. Taking into consideration of such factors including fever, injury and competitiveness, I created this project by using the latest technology.’

In this current century a lot of us are attracted to fashion, whether it’s the glossy, shiny look or a suave fit-sized Polo and Jeans, we do care about our presentability. But we need comfort, a design that makes sense. Zhang has been saying all about that. However he reveals that there are certain issues with the sole and i can be difficult to wear at the moment.

Zhang silver

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