Turn your idea’s and concepts into accurate 3D scale miniature replica models using a variety of modern materials in a modest budget. Depending on the scale and the details in the model, we use a mix of 3D printing, Laser cutting and expert artisan-ship for bringing out the best to our customers. Drop an email to info@think3d.in  for mode details. Our team will get in touch with you.



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In most cases, the entire scale model won’t be 3D printed but some parts of it will be 3D Printed. 3D Printing the entire scale model won’t be required and isn’t advisable too as certain standard parts can be made using acrylic sheets and ABS sheets which works out cheaper than 3D Printing. The components that are complex and also minute will be 3D Printed (for ex: organic shapes). As we have end-to-end service offering, we use the most optimal solution to lower down the cost.

This is the most common question asked by our customers. Unfortunately there is no “set price” for custom model making as we have many variables to consider. Whenever there is a requirement, we sit with the customer to understand the requirement, budget and timelines in detail. Based on that, we shall arrive at our costing. As mentioned in the previous question, for scale models we use different materials, processes and tools based on the requirement and thus the price vary from model to model. Also, in many cases the design changes as we progress. Client gets new ideas or inputs that he wants to incorporate in the model. Such requirements cost additional.

This also varies a lot from model to model. We shall provide the estimated delivery date when we provide the quote and we stick to this delivery date if there are no changes in the design. But from our experience, in almost 90% of the cases there will be design changes as we progress and this leads to delay. So, we advise you to plan well in advance if you wish to or required to have a scale model.

We wish to have as much information as possible to arrive at the most appropriate costing and timelines. But we also have customers coming in with very little information. In such cases, we spend lot more time with customer to fine tune his/her idea and then provide the quote. But from my perspective, more the better. Below are few basic things you can think of before calling us:

  • What will this model/mock-up be used for?
  • How will it be displayed/used? (on a stand, a base, hung from wires, free standing)
  • What size or scale do you have in mind?
  • How much or how little detail is desired/required?
  • Will the model be shipped to various shows/locations or on display at one place?
  • Will any portion be powered or animated in any way? (motors, lights, sound)
  • How soon do you need the model?

There are many factors that go into determining the scale of the model. Primary determining factors are where will it be displayed and what size constraints you have?

Being an end to end service provider, we use multiple techniques and materials to make scale models at the lowest possible cost. When we look at the design, we will get an idea on the type of materials and tools required. We work with virtually any material ranging from wood, plastic and foam to advanced composites and metals of all types.

Our model shop equipment includes 3D Printer, laser cutters/engravers, CNC router, milling machines and various equipment required to make a mold. We have many capabilities in-house that other shops would outsource.